Reiki 1 Online

Discover a transformational healing practice

Reiki can be used for self-healing, mindfulness and the treatment of others - a fabulous complementary therapy to traditional medical treatments. It assists in releasing blocks or challenges, whether at the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level, and can create major transformations when applying the practice in daily life.
  • Learn to utilize the innate connection to Universal Life Force energy

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of your own energy and the energy around us

  • Unlock the power of healing comfort and calm for any physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual challenges

  • Become empowered so that you are serving both yourself and others at a whole new level

  • Receive clear and specific information on how to align to your mind-body-soul so that you can create a healthy lifestyle

  • Unlock your intuition and enhance your spirituality

  • Reduce, manage and eliminate stress, tension, fatigue and pain

  • Create and maintain a mindfulness practice by learning to focus on the moment

What's Included

  • Easy to follow lectures covering how to use Reiki as a healing and spiritual development system

  • A 95+ page Reiki manual and resources for your own Reiki practice

  • Ongoing Monthly Support Q&A Calls

  • Lifetime Access - take your time to complete the course the course at your own pace

  • A certificate of completion of Reiki Level 1 valid professionally and personally

  • Weekly Reiju empowerments allowing for increasing awareness of & connection to Reiki

  • Dedicated group for community connection and support

  • FREE Continuing Support even after you complete the class


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Break through to a new level of spiritual growth and empowerment

Instructor for this Course

Meghan Mitchell

Instructor and Creator

Meghan Mitchell

"Only THIS moment is LIFE!" This is the motto I live by (to the best of my ability!) I understand the challenges involved with mindfulness and everyday stressors or distractions. I live with ADHD and PTSD - both of which my clients have presented and found relief from through the services we offer at Magical SOULutions. My background is eclectic in my studies and faith. I'm all about Truth, Transformation, Energy and Empowerment. Everything I have studied, I learned because I wanted to assimilate it into my life...for me. After a while I realized, other people could benefit from knowing these things, adding these tools to their toolbox and enhancing their lives. Thus began Magical SOULutions and now SOULutions YOUniversity - solutions for obstacles in your life that allow you to live your soul purpose and potential!

Are you ready to level up your healing and focus?

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What other's have said about the training...

“It is such a blessing to find a teacher who has a way of sharing the light inside her - providing answers to every question asked, allowing you to develop your own sense of being and encouraging you as you work through issues at hand to become more than you were before. I have learned so much from take Reiki with Meghan Mitchell. I will be forever grateful for the energy, knowledge, and blessings of one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She taught me the true power of healing from within and how I can access that power and energy at anytime.” ~ Sarah M.


  • Reiki can't be learned online, can it?

    Somewhere along the line it was stated by someone that Reiki had to be taught in person. This is contrary to the concept that energy exists everywhere and at all times. Even Dr. Usui who created Reiki did not physically connect with his students to initiate them into the Reiki practice. Two of my master trainings were completed online with amazing Master Teachers. I have been teaching Reiki for almost twenty years both in person and distance. With this course, if you put in the work and the practice, you too will find deep connection with the energy and become a fabulous practitioner with this online certification.

  • Is there a deadline to complete this course?

    No. This course was designed to allow you to take all the time you need. Each person develops their personal practice and connection with Reiki differently and at a different pace. As this course is considered an "evergreen" course, it runs constantly throughout the year. You will have access to it whenever you choose.

  • Who will be covering this class?

    Your instructor for this course is Meghan Mitchell, Reiki Master Teacher. She will be available to answer questions you have. In addition, she will be hosting a support call once a month for anyone who wants to attend regardless of whether they have completed the course or not. There are more instructors who will begin to participate as the course continues throughout the year.

  • What does Lifetime Access mean?

    Simply put you can access the course at any time even after you have completed it. An added bonus - you will also have access to any new information or updates that are added to the course along the way. As noted previously this is an on-going course and will be available to you when you need or choose it.

  • Is this religious?

    Historians have proven that Usui Sensei never intended Reiki to be religious based, contrary to certain writings/teaching from Western based Masters. Reiki is a complementary healing and spiritual practice that does not contradict nor attempt try to interfere with any religion. If you feel it does, and you are still interested, please reach out to our instructor with your concerns.

  • How does a student receive their attunement?

    At a point within your course, you will be prompted to schedule your attunement, choosing a date and time works for within your's and your instructor's schedule. The attunements are with you for life and will allow you to utilize Reiki at any time.

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