You can google nearly anything in regard to self-help, personal or spiritual development and more and get nearly a million hits. From meditation to releasing limiting beliefs to connecting with your guides to energy healing and more, everything is literally at your fingertips. Our goal with SOUL YOU is to provide all of these tools, teach you what to do and how to do it as well as go beyond that and break through barriers to success, confidence, intuition or empowerment such as imposter syndrome, fears, resistance and beyond.

The dream of bring SOUL-U to reality has been a long time in coming. For a long time I was stuck in mom, wife, daughter, friend, care-giver, focus on everyone else mode. My business really sat on the back burner.

Within the past year a lot has occurred, it required me to really take a hard look at everything in my life, including and most importantly my business. Would I keep it? If I didn’t, what would I do? I’d been running my own business for so long, I wasn’t sure what else I could do or what I wanted to do.

I sat down and did an exercise which led me to here. I wrote out all the things I wanted - personally and professionally. What did I want to experience? What did I want for myself and my husband? What did I want for my family? What did I want for my business? What did I want for me?

Once upon a time, I would have told you I didn’t want much and it would have been true. It would have been true because I kept my desires to flippant responses such as, “It would be fun to go to Disney or Hawaii.” or “I’d love to own a boat.” Sure I would enjoy a trip and maybe ride in a boat but owning it? Not sure.

I dug deep and looked at my wants and desires then reassessed them as the true Virgo I am. Did they make sense? Were they realistic? If they weren’t they went into a dreamer list. If they were, they were put on the goals list. Then I gave time frames to the goals. I began to make them more specific too.

When I sat back and looked over my business goals (because that is what this blog is about even though I gave a bit of personal backstory), I realized what my business dream turned goal really was. It had finally moved from the dream that gets lost upon waking up to full living color. I knew what I wanted and I really needed to make it happen. I knew it had to move from bring a brick and mortar business to an online...SOULution.

I kept thinking how people are constantly battling with how they feel, how they look, finding fulfilment, connection, looking for where they belong in a world that is so driven by material goods and superficial contentment. I desperately want to help them all! I knew I wanted a business so that would help people who are looking for others to help and guide them as they looking inside for what’s missing, providing assistance in putting the pieces together. This has always been the focus and goal. I’d discovered that no one person could find peace, fulfilment, connection, passion, health, wellness without addressing the whole being in my coaching training (and from mom at a young age). I learned all of this through my own journey of personal, spiritual, professional and physical development.

My dream started to come into focus - helping people currently living stress-filled, imbalanced lives causing them develop unhealthy habits or become stagnant, unable to keep moving forward making the cycle continue. The new focus would be helping those dealing with the constant struggle of competing priorities and feeling “less than” at any one thing in their life. Whatever they are dealing with it is forcing them to take action. They want to get in touch with their spiritual side – and don’t know where to start. Maybe it’s because they need more free time or fewer distractions or perhaps a true sense of what is most important. They want to discover their soul purpose and potential! First they have to understand the answer to the question, “Who am I?”

One thing, I didn't want to do this alone. I didn't want to offer course, services and more all by my self. There are so many fabulous teachers, healers and trainers who I'm excited to bring together here.

SOULutions YOUniversity is an online education platform for people to find the answers to those questions and learn how to move forward with confidence and empowerment in their lives. SOULutions to problems and challenges in YOUr life by aligning mind, body and soul!

SOUL YOU is where you can unlock the door to your soul purpose and potential - connect with who you really are - uncover your secret yet true identity like the super hero you are! Here you’ll be able to breakthrough old habits and beliefs you might not even realized were holding you back. Live life with more courage, confidence and clarity! SOULutions YOUniversity offers a toolbox of courses, programs and uniquely-tailored advice to help you ignite your soul - lighting up your life and world!

With Blessings and Deep Gratitude,

Meghan K. Mitchell
CEO - Chief Empowerment Officer and Instructor


Here are some of our FABULOUS teachers!

Meghan Mitchell

Instructor and Creator

Meghan Mitchell

"Only THIS moment is LIFE!" This is the motto I live by (to the best of my ability!) I understand the challenges involved with mindfulness and everyday stressors or distractions. I live with ADHD and PTSD - both of which my clients have presented and found relief from through the services we offer at Magical SOULutions. My background is eclectic in my studies and faith. I'm all about Truth, Transformation, Energy and Empowerment. Everything I have studied, I learned because I wanted to assimilate it into my life...for me. After a while I realized, other people could benefit from knowing these things, adding these tools to their toolbox and enhancing their lives. Thus began Magical SOULutions and now SOULutions YOUniversity - solutions for obstacles in your life that allow you to live your soul purpose and potential!
Kathy Grande

Lead Instructor

Kathy Grande

verything you need to live your best life is already within you. I truly believe this and want you to believe this as well! By embracing this idea, your life will change radically. Dreams become reality, fears are replaced with confidence and self worth, and doubts are transformed into inspiration and inner guidance. I know what it’s like to experience trauma, abuse, stress, fear, phobias, and illness. I’ve overcome these challenges and come out the other side stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been and I know you can, too. I’ve been a caretaker, a mother, a wife, a divorcee, a teacher and a healer and a million other roles, as have we all.. I am grateful for each and every one as they made me what I am today, whole, healthy, happy and ready to get you to the place of your dreams. Never give up!
Eliza Micucci


Eliza Micucci

Eliza's love of all things magical & metaphysical began as a young girl awakening to her divinity and immortality on remembering her lives on other worlds, Ancient Egypt, and as a Star Priestess. Eliza's fascination for all things mystical led her to discover and explore many different philosophies, cultures, spiritualities, and meditational healing modalities. She is a Reiki Master and Astrologer since the age of 16. She is looking to inspire, mentor, guide, and reconnect those that have also went through similar life challenges, and bring you back to your true essence through celestial and vibrational healing modalities.