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to unlocking to the door to your soul!

Innovative, immersive online courses and trainings allowing you to align, empower and awaken your soul purpose and potential. Learn valuable perspectives from classmates around the world and connect with a diverse group of magical souls, all while accelerating your development and raising your vibrations, as your individual development is enhanced by those you practice and align with as well as learn from. We offer you the key or the soulution.

Reiki 1 Online

Reiki 1 Online: deepen your connection to energy while also learning practical ways to incorporate Reiki to improve your everyday life!

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  • Good Vibrations

    Your vibes change when you look beyond what is presenting itself to you, connect with your soul, and peel away the layers of limiting beliefs and blocks that hold you back from a healthy lifestyle.

  • Level Up

    Once you step onto the self-transformation path, you'll uncover a deep desire to truly know yourself, fulfill your potential, become empowered to heal and reach new levels of success in life!

  • Ignite the Light

    Taking effective proactive action to alter the systems that no longer serve a positive purpose in your life allows you to turn on your inner light and live with purpose, passion and intent!

If You're Here...

You are deeply invested in your personal, spiritual and intuitive development. Perhaps you feel as if you're missing a key, a puzzle piece which has you blocked from reaching your fullest potential. Here you'll find the key and connections!

Online Courses

Take classes, certifications and trainings at your leisure.

100% Online with an immersive in-person connection. Engaging, empowering and diverse. Just as soulutions should be. Our online courses, a mix of classes, certifications, trainings and groups - are designed to guide, and support you on your journey into sacred connection between your mind, body and soul.
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Soul Tribe at your fingertips!

You are not alone in your search for something more. Soul You offers the opportunity to create, join and participate in enlightening discussions about personal growth, spiritual journeys, intuitive development, healing, and more.
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the life of your dreams!

Escape the hustle and bustle of stress filled everyday life and dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself! Soul You offers courses, trainings and more focusing on spiritual, personal, professional and intuitive development designed to guide you on your journey of creation and manifestation.
  • Its all about YOU

    It's simple – we want to help you achieve your learning goals. An online education and community portal helps you avoid distractions, increase focus and When it comes to next steps, we'll provide the key.

  • On Your Own Terms

    Learn, grown and align your way. We have courses, webinars, trainings and programs that work around your schedule and on any device.

  • Fulfillment

    Use what you've learned to make not only your life but the world a happier, more peaceful place. As you embark on this journey of self-transformation, you'll begin to notice shifts and alignments. Go with the flow and be fulfilled.